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An award-winning marketing platform delivers a personalized experience to each customer, at scale, for some of the world’s most innovative brands

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Brands have seen a 60% increase in email engagement rates and a 45% increase in purchase rates. The secret weapon is predictive automation.

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AI that just works. Real automation that saves you time. And a customer data platform that organizes all your omni-channel business data.


"To start off, our company does not have on-site technical hires, making working in the e-commerce space difficult for any technical developments, web changes, and beyond. This meant any developments would take a significant amount of time and investment whenever a change needed to be made. When our team discovered Arctic Grey, our view of on site developments and development help changed drastically. We've been working with their team for about 1.5 years now and it has allowed us the flexibility, speed, and cost savings to maintain a team without an on-site developer. The turn around times are typically always within 24 hours, sometimes even faster, and the work done is always phenomenal. Our team would recommend Arctic grey to any other company needing the highest quality and quickest turnaround in terms of site developments."

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We're hiring highly experienced engineers, full stack developers & project managers!

If you are passionate about web development and providing excellent customer service, then you might just be the next member of our award-winning team. You’ll have the chance to work with some of the most talented designers & developers in the industry, and some of the largest companies on the planet.

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